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Evernotes iPad Application

I love Evernote and use it all the time on the Mac(s), iPad and iPhone. No surprise that I love my iPad as well, and in fact have been using it a LOT more these last few months, and to be honest I hadn’t really given much thought to getting an iPad 2.

But then again …….. my parents are off to Florida soon and they plan to pick themselves up an iPad 2, and Evernote have recently announced Evernote Peak!

Evernote Peek is a free app designed to help you study, learn and strengthen your memory. Interacting with Peek is pretty intuitive. Once you’ve connected Peek to your Evernote account and selected your study materials, you simply close the Smart Cover and peek under it to see a clue. Raise the cover further to reveal the answer. To advance to the next clue, just close the cover and repeat.

Peek turns your Evernote notebooks into instant study materials. When you launch the app, tap the Add button and sign into Evernote. The app will then display two tabs of notebooks. The first tab contains published notebooks provided by Evernote and StudyBlue. The second tab contains your personal Evernote notebooks. Select the notebook to add it to Peek. Once the notebook has been downloaded, tap on it, close the Smart Cover, and peek to start.

So there you go: a FREE app on iTunes is probably going to cost me $500.

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