FA Cup Final

Am struggling to remember ever having so much apathy towards the FA Cup Final. In previous years it has been easy to support my own team (Man Utd), the underdog or even a stylish way of playing.

This year I couldn’t care less! Chelsea represent to me pretty much everything that is wrong with the modern game, and while I can usually muster enthusiasm to at least watch in the hope that they get beaten, this year that would mean wanting Liverpool to win, and I am afraid that Dalglish’s arrogance and the clubs acceptance of racism earlier in the year means they are second only to Chelsea in teams I dislike!

In fact the racism question will linger over the final for both teams.

But there is another contributor to my apathy: boredom with the sheer volume of underwhelming football on TV.

It seems to me that despite the best endeavors of pundits and commentators to convince us that everything is ‘the best’, ‘brilliant’, these days, I think the better teams are getting worse, which is why the others are catching them up.

Time wasting, cheating, diving, feigning injury, rugby tackles, lack of respect to officials, spitting, lack of use of technology …. the ‘beautiful game’? You are having a laugh!

And as for 5.15pm kick offs and playing the semi-finals at Wembley, ‘they’ have killed the nostalgia and traditions, and with it our loyalty!

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