FA Cup: Then and Now

What a huge day for Hull City aka The Tigers, as they take on the Arsenal aka The Gunners at Wembley this afternoon in the FA Cup final. Kick Off at ……. err, what time is the Kick Off?

As a lad growing up just outside of Hull my Saturday afternoons were spent, at 3pm, at Boothferry Park watching Hull City Waggy, Waggy, Waggy ….. and oranges for McKenzie!

3pm, Saturday used to be a magical time, no more so than on FA Cup day: a morning watching the build up, the coaches leaving the hotels, the players on the pitch (Liverpool white suits) and then at 3pm the whistle.

Believe it or not ‘back in the day’ at half time the National Grid struggled to cope as millions rushed to make their cuppa ….

Today I will be watching (assuming I can find out what time it is). It will have to be the BBC (sorry ITV but that Adrian bloke does my head in), but it wont have anywhere near the same magic, and that is a shame.

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