Fat Boy To UK

Have spent the day getting the Fat Boy, the technology and myself ready for a ride back to the UK on the Fat Boy.

The original plan was to ride to Santander and get the ferry to Portsmouth and then ride up to Stoke. This would have meant a 1.000km ride in Spain and about 340km in the UK. Enough for my old body given how long it has been (4+years) since I did a long ride.

Must say that the ferry is not my favourite means of transport AND it goes against the grain not to ride the whole way, but given all the driving I have been doing recently with our ALStrays Transport Project I thought it would be too much.

Anyway yesterday Brittany Ferries went on strike and the crossing has been cancelled so I am riding all the way, and mightily glad I am too!

The old juices have been flowing again today as I prepared the bike, got the gear all sorted and packed, sorted out staying with my old mate on route (haven’t seen for 6 years) and sorted the route and technology.

I am setting off early in the morning, but not at the crack or dawn and I am going to take three days (two nights) to get to Stoke.

Truth is I am excited about it. Has been far too long since I did a long ride, and even just taking the Fat Boy for a ride today felt different.

I will be leaving the Fat Boy in the UK as now I am going back twice a month it will be good to have some transport, and I met up with the new Stoke on Trent Dealership on my last trip and plan to do some rides with them as their HOG Chapter is just getting off the ground.

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