Fight back against the cruelty of factory farms

Care2 member Polly Folley is fighting plans to build a giant pig factory ‘farm’ in Antrim, Northern Ireland, that will imprison more than 30,000 pigs at a time. This would be the biggest pig factory ever built in Ireland or the UK.

Sign now to register your opposition with the Council!

Confining such huge numbers of animals in this way deprives them of the ability to perform many of their natural behaviours, which can cause terrible suffering, especially in animals as intelligent as pigs. It is also impossible to monitor the wellbeing of individual animals when there are so many, meaning that any who become sick are likely to go unnoticed.

This is not only a cruel way to keep pigs — it will also cause pollution and increase local traffic.

Animal Aid and Viva! (Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals) are also encouraging people to write letters of opposition. By signing the petition, you are building the momentum for this campaign and shining the national spotlight on the important issue of animal welfare.

Please sign Polly’s petition now to send an email to Antrim Council Planning Office opposing the plans.

IMPORTANT: please add a comment of your own so that they count each signature as a unique complaint.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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