Fitbit Charge HR

My quest for the right wearable for me continues, this time with the perfectly adequate Fitbit Charge HR which I tried because it was an unobtrusive wristband with a minimal display.

Why? Because what I really want is a small, unobtrusive wristband with no display at all. I am not remotely interested in checking my stats throughout the day and have less than no interest in receiving notifications. I just want a device that I can wear all the time without it looking like anything other than a wristband and which will sync with my phone throughout the day.

Simple you would have thought ………

The Fitbit Charge HR is great and I can see no reason not to recommend it, but I will point out the issues for me:

– despite the small display the device is still too big. If it was half the width it would be so much better.
– being a Garmin Junkie (Zumo for Harley, 510 for bikes, Dashcam for pet transports, Forerunner 225 for running) I really want all my stats to be in the same place, or at least sync to the same place. Unfortunately Garmin make it virtually impossible for this to happen and although there are several workarounds that nearly work, the ability to only deal with one application does not exist.

So for me the Fitbit was nearly, but not quite so I am off to try the Garmin Vivosmart HR which I suspect I will think is too ‘chunky’ as it has a pretty large display, but hopefully the fact that all the data is on one application will keep me happy for longer than any other device has so far!

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