Fitness Goals

Time to bite the bullet and commit to some fitness goals! In recent months I have (slowly) been getting fitter, and more importantly, figuring out what this bag of old bones is capable of.

Is basically good news: I can still run (well lumbar) on the old knee. Cycling has been a revelation both on the knee and shoulder/back/neck, and the pilates has certainly helped with the neck, shoulder, knee and back … but so far not with the trapped nerve and bad arm!

My diet has never really been bad (with the exception of occasional binges!) but it has got better, especially on the ALStrays Pet Transports between Spain and the UK, where it is difficult to be really healthy.

During the summer I had a three week pretty intense training spell which was good but drew to an early end due to excessive heat and fatigue.

Anyway time has come to give the training more focus and set some goals.

I am going to give it three months ‘full on’ which pretty much takes me up to Christmas: as we ‘celebrate’ it on the 24th here in Spain.


I am currently lumbering around 4km in 28 minutes so I have one goal in mind: to increase the distance to 10km.

Road Bike

My longest ride to date is 56km. My goal is to do a 170km i.e. 100mile ride.

Mountain Bike

Current circuit is around 10km in 40 minutes. My goal is to double the circuit to 20km in an hour.


I have a target weight in mind (200lbs) but I am not sure how realistic that is given potential increase in muscle BUT it is the figure I have in mind. Main focus is a body shape to be honest with waist, chest and thighs the areas that need the most work. Some upper body definition would be nice!


Out with the usual suspects: bread, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, crisps, nuts, red meat.

Alcohol has to be a no-no, at least for the first six weeks i.e. until the end of October, but I suspect it will be a dry three months.


Will basically living with a heart monitor stray across my chest it seems!

For the Road Bike and Mountain Bike Garmin Connect is where I will be posting my activities.

I will be recording my runs on my Strava account.

I also intend to keep a record of the dog walks etc through my Map My Ride account.

More than happy to add friends to these accounts so don’t be shy!!

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