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Read an excellent article in Cycling Plus which looked at 5 different types of training, what they would help you achieve, and why you should introduce all 5 into your exercise regime on the bike.

I have decided that what I am going to do is once a month have a week focused on Cycle Fitness based on the 5 different types:

  1. Hill Training
  2. Endurance Training
  3. Recovery Training
  4. Threshold Training
  5. Interval Training

Hill Training
Apparently standing up to cycle up hill uses 10-12% more energy so you need to find a hill that you can cycle up sitting down.

Basic: find a 2 minute hill and climb in twice with 2 minute recoveries inbetween

Advanced: find a 4 minute hill and climb 3 to 5 times with 4 minute recoveries inbetween

Endurance Training
Should be between 60 and 120 minutes, at 35-45% of your maximum heart rate.

Basic: Two 60 minute rides a week at 55-65% of maximum heart rate

Advanced: Three rides of 120 minutes at 55-65% of maximum heart rate

These should be combined with one intense interval session

Recovery Training
Need to be on flat roads, steady pace, and well hydrated.

Basic: 60 minutes once a week

Advanced: 120 minutes once a week

Threshold Training
Your lactate threshold is the point at which your muscles start to become overcome with fatigue so you need to train at 15-25% below your maximum heart rate

Basic: 30 minutes once a week

Advanced: 20 minutes three times a week

Interval Training
Builds up your cardiovascular fitness and maximises your aerobic capacity (VO2)

Basic: 3 intervals of 3 minutes with 3 minute recovery inbewteen, once a week

Advanced: 3 intervals of 5 minutes with 3 minute recovery inbetween, once a week.

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