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Fluc provides a services that is basically ad-funded phone plans with content relevant to your location with worldwide operator networks. You can build a network from your website and advertisers can target this website!

Very Google Ad like Fluc works for both the mobile user and publisher, and the advertisers and agencies:

Fluc allows you to earn money on your mobile from content relevant to you, your location and your friends.

Fluc allows you to deliver your message to thousands of relevant mobile users.

In its simplest form you sign up and fill in a load of social networking type details, activate your account and your phone and then you are pretty much good to go. You receive localized adverts on your phone and get paid for the privilege.

What is particularly nice is the fact that you retain an element of control in terms of how much money you want to earn as you can build up your own network – a sort of combination social network and tiered selling process:

You can create and build a network of friends, colleagues or associates anywhere around the world. And better yet, publishers can also build networks and advertise their businesses, websites and wapsites to earn additional income from their online and/or offline operations.

I am somewhat surprised that no one has thought of this before to be honest!

Via [Fluc]

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  1. I think this is an awesome idea. I really hope these guys get big. I’ve signed my website up and integrated their linking system. It might take a while for them to get big, but when they do – I’ll have been their for ages. It’s like a mashup of mobile and adsense.

    Wish I had of thought of this.

    Thanks for the tip Chris,


  2. Yeah I guess thats the thing though inst it? There is nothing stopping a local fish and chip shop using this platform ? Or a clothing store ? Or anybody for that matter.

    I been surfing their site for a while now and its pretty clever. They say they are uploading many improvements in the next few months, so I’m hanging to see what these are.

    Thanks again,


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