Free Arturo the Polar Bear from His Hot, Lonely Pen

Arturo, Argentina’s only living polar bear, lives in a place where temperatures regularly soar to 40 degrees Celsius. Yet the Mendoza Zoo refuses to let him go to Canada.

Arturo the polar bear lives in a concrete enclosure by himself at the Mendoza Zoo in Argentina. Temperatures in the area can regularly soar to more than 40 degrees Celsius. — and Arturo’s only access to water is a pool roughly a foot and a half deep.

Arturo deserves to live out his remaining days in a place where he can keep cool!

By polar bear standards, Arturo is elderly at the age of 29. And he’s lonely, too. After his companion died two years ago, Arturo has been experiencing signs of stress and even depression. He rocks back and forth in his pen, pacing and baring his teeth: signs, some animal behaviourists say, that he might be succumbing to mental illness.

So far, the Mendoza Zoo has blocked Arturo’s transfer to Canada’s International Polar Bear Conservation Centre as they say he is too old to travel. But this could be the bear’s only chance at a happy, healthy life. Ask Mendoza to stop Arturo’s suffering and send him to Canada, where he can grow old in comfort and peace.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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