Gadhimai Festival in Nepal

As you may have heard from my colleague Pru last week, Compassion is hugely concerned about the upcoming Gadhimai Festival in Nepal, during which a staggering 250,000 farm animals may be slaughtered without prior stunning. Many of these animals will experience a slow and excruciating death. Scientific research has shown that when animals are killed without effective stunning they can suffer tremendous pain, anxiety and distress.

We have a three-step plan to stop this inhumane slaughter, but we must act fast. The festival is due to take place in just 5 months’ time. Will you kickstart our campaign with a donation to Compassion today?

What I’m about to tell you contains some graphic descriptions of animal suffering. Please stay with me, we need your help.

In Pru’s email you may have seen a picture of a water buffalo at the last Gadhimai Festival – standing, blood-streaked from the surrounding slaughter, awaiting his turn. I’ve not included any further photos here, because they are some of the most horrific images I’ve ever seen: as far as the eye can see, mounds of animal parts cover the floor. Thousands of buffalo were forced into an enormous pen where, one-by-one, they were beheaded.

As a vet, over the years I have sadly witnessed many animals in distress and pain. But I cannot bear to imagine the terror those buffalo must have felt. Fully conscious, the stench of blood would have filled their nostrils, as they watched other animals’ heads being hacked from their bodies. No animal should suffer this fate.

Compassion in World Farming is determined to put an end to this unnecessary and horrific cruelty. Our three-step plan of action is to:

Unite with local campaigners in Nepal
Target the Nepalese Government
Secure the support of religious leaders
Can you help us? Click here to find out how your donation could help.

Your donation will help Compassion stop inhumane slaughter and fight for the humane treatment of all farm animals. Please donate now and, together, let’s end this cruelty.

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