Garmin Fenix 3 Saphire

Never say Never!!

Am a big fan of Garmin, and more than a tad addicted to watches (Rolex, Cartier, Gucci, Breitling, Edox, Oakley and Citizen make up the current ‘collection’.

I have been more than a little dismissive about the need for a smart watch, and failed miserably with my attempt to use a fitness band.

I do however have my eye on a Garmin Fenix 2 Saphire for two pretty simple reasons:

  1. It is a Garmin and so will work nicely with Garmin Connect and my other Garmin Devices (yes I am lazy!!)
  2. It looks good as watch so is something I would actually wear.

My smart watch requirements are pretty basic. Certainly don’t need a bunch of notifications from my phone, but I do like the activity tracker and the GPS facility will provide a rudimentary back up for the ALStrays pet transport business.

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