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Garmin Forerunner 225

I suspect the Garmin Forerunner 225 is going to be my next bit of technology when it becomes available mid July.

I have been using (on and off) the Garmin Vivosmart since the beginning of the year and while I can’t crticise what it does, the fact remains that what it does doesn’t really do it for me. First up, I had no intention of getting a Smart Watch and I really haven’t changed in that view: why wear something on your wrist that is (certainly in my case) nowhere near as good as existing watches, and which only really works if you are carrying your phone around with you anyway? That is is my main issue with the Vivosmart. The notifications are good (but hard to read given obvious screen size) but they only work if my phone is connected (obviously) and it is pretty much always easier to check on the phone than on the wrist, especially with vibrating notifications on the phone.

I do use the health features connected to Garmin Connect most days, but once I stopped wearing the Vivosmart 24/7 it is a bit hit or miss if I can remember to it on when going for a run or walking the dogs.

Cycling I use the Garmin Edge which is perfect for what I need and although it needs a heart monitor strap I don’t find that an issue when cycling so can’t see any reason to change.

Running I use Strava, but that needs a separate heart monitor strap to the Garmin Edge and for me to carry the phone. I have no real issues other than I don’t like the heart monitor strap when running and tend to forget it as my runs are mainly done as part of the dog walk. As things currently stand I then have to import the data from the run from Strava to Garmin Connect so that I have all the exercise data in one place.

The 225 appeals because it has the inbuilt heart monitor so no strap. It is obviously not a day to day watch so easy to accept putting it on just when going for a run. Being Garmin it brings everything under Garmin Connect which appeals a lot.

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