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Garmin Forerunner 225: Initial Thoughts

As I predicted I have dumped the Garmin Vivosmart (which ironically broke days after I made the decision) and gone with the Garmin Forerunner 225 and so far so good.

Only minor issue I have with the watch is that it doesn’t auto connect via Bluetooth to my HTC One E9+. It is fine if you power the watch off and then on, but is a bit hit and miss at other times. Not a huge issue for my usage, but worth taking into consideration if you intend to use the watch all the time.

I don’t miss the fact the watch has no notifications linked to phone as I only use the watch when I am running or walking the dogs. It is ‘just’ a exercise tool for me, nothing else.

I like Garmin Connect, except for the lack of blog widgets, so I am still auto importing my runs and bike rides into Strava which is ok, but a slight pain in itself in that their blog widgets only show your primary activity i.e. Bike or Run, so in order to have the runs and bike rides show up individually you have to do a little trick with Strava Clubs (ask if you want more info on that).

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