Garmin: Please Take Note!

Update: Since the original post (19th April) I received an email on the 20th April apologising for the delay in replying, saying the delay in shipment was because of excessive demand, and that they would confirm when it was being shipped. On the 24th April I checked the shipment and saw that it was scheduled to ship on the 24th, but as there was no tracking number I emailed asking if the information was correct. Before I received a reply (or indeed a Shipment Confirmation Email) the tracking number appeared. Yeah I thought …… only to click on it and get the message that UPS can’t find any details relating to that tracking number. With luck the watch is on the way, maybe it will turn up before Garmin tell me that it is on the way!!!!

Earlier this year Garmin announced a new range of Fenix 5 Watches that I was interested in.

I checked out their site and it said they would be available in Quarter One 2017, and if you were interested you could sign up to be kept informed.

I was, and I did!

Quarter One became a thing of the past, yet still no email with any information, and the web site still stoically said they would be available in Quarter One 2017, a physical impossibility now it was Quarter Two 2017.

Then a week or so into Quarter Two ‘the email’ arrived saying the Watches has arrived and were available to order.

I ordered the one I wanted, and received confirmation that it normally took 1-3 days to process, then a couple of days to deliver via UPS.

Happy Days! I had been told the watched had arrived, I had ordered and I had been told when to expect it.

Only they were lies!!!

I had reason to contact Garmin Support to change the Delivery Address (very happy that they did this) and was told they were waiting for the stock to arrive but would be sending them out in 2-3 days!

Ah, so when Garmin sent email saying they had arrived that was a lie.

When they confirmed the expected delivery date that was a lie.

It now appears that when they told me the revised shipping date that too was a lie as I have looked on the tracking for the original order and it nows says May 16th for shipping date!

So here’s the thing Garmin: stop telling lies! Don’t treat us like fools as in the old days, you know when the mantra of big companies seemed to be to set our expectations low, and then exceed them! The old ‘it will be three months’ trick, then deliver in two months so we all felt we had ‘done well’, when in fact we had been waiting for two months.

No Garmin, just tell the truth. When you know it isn’t going to be available in Quarter One, tell us. When you know you are ready to take orders but not ship them, tell us.

I am not short of watches, I doubt anybody buying these watches will be buying their first watch so it isn’t time critical, but it is expectation critical, so don’t mess with our expectations.

Oh and one last thing: when you have a track record of telling lies best not to send me a customer satisfaction form as you really will not enjoy reading the one that I sent you!

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