Garmin Vivosmart

I have been considering a wearable device for a while and have posted before about wearable guides, whether to buy a smart band or smart watch and last December I made up my mind: Happy Christmas to Me (and Sands as she got one as well).

Got a what? A Garmin Vivosmart is my SmartBand of choice for two reasons basically: 1) I liked the look of it as it is very unobtrusive, and 2) I wanted to stick with Garmin as I like their Garmin Connect and use the Edge 510 on my road bike.

In general I like it.

It is easy to set up, but it does drop the Bluetooth a lot (which is to be expected) but it doesn’t always re connect and requires pairing several times a week. I see this as a limitation of Bluetooth though as I have my phone paired with 3 vehicles, motorbike helmets, and Bluetooth speakers on our roof so the phone is always close to something wanting to connect with it!

As for the Vivosmart my main use is fitness and health rather than notifications, although it has proved handy to be able to glance at my wrist rather than get the phone out to see who is getting in touch.

Using its mainly for health and fitness has its own drawbacks, namely the number of other applications that you can end up signing up with (I have tried many and settled on Garmin Connect for Cycling, Strava for running, and MyFitnessPal to keep an eye on weight loss), and Garmin have been having major syncing issues this month (January 2015) but when it is working it is very good.

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