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Two weeks in now so time for a brief update (don’t panic am not going to be doing this every fortnight) on how the exercise and healthier living are going. The two weeks have really been spent determining what I think the old bones will be capable of on an ongoing basis, and what will be a good level of activity (frequency and length) that I will be able to sustain on an ongoing basis given that the ALStrays Transports are due to start soon.

On the food and drink side of things it is going well, and is pretty easy, thanks primarily to this being my 25th successive dry January. Not drinking has three benefits: it removes the alcohol calories of course, but it also removes the tapas, snacks and munchies calories, and it leaves you feeling better ‘the next day’ so more likely to exercise. This is especially true in my case as when I don’t drink I don’t go out! Avoiding temptation is easier than moderation for me and besides going to a bar for a soft drink is about as meaningful as going to a brothel for a kiss in my view.

I have a number of objectives to achieve on the food side: I need to once and for all get to grips with the food intolerance issues that has bothered me for a number of years. It isn’t a huge issue but certain foods make me cough and tighten my chest. I am slowly figuring out what these are, but it is tough as there is very little consistency in what effects me. I also need to figure out a healthier diet for the transports which I think I have done but the next one will be the test, and thirdly I need to get back to a generally healthier diet i.e. more fish, chicken and vegetables – but again not that easy as a lot of vegetables and salads effect my tolerance.

Over the past couple of weeks regards the exercise I have really been trying to gauge what I am (and will be) capable of. I have done a couple of jogs and been pleasantly surprised how my knee has held up. Realistically though I don’t think I should do more than one run a week. At them moment I am not at all bothered about speed or distance as I just want to get back into the habit and let my knee and body get stronger. Longer term I reckon 10km will be my maximum. One good thing about Almerimar is that there are a lot of circuits you can do so it is easy to build up the distance.

I have been out on the Mountain Bike a few times and that has been OK but I need to get it serviced so that all the gears work as as soon as I put undue pressure on my knee it does start to hurt, and once I get off the bike the tendons and ligaments are seezing up, but I am pretty sure that is going to go away as a I get the knee stronger.

I have done one ride on the new Road Bike (more on that later) and apart from a slight twisting of my bad knee when I first twisted the shoe out the pedal it was really very good and I have no doubts that the road bike will be my main form of exercise.

And finally, I have done a few light work outs, mainly stretching, pilates, abs and light weights and there have been no issues so far with the neck, back and shoulder.

So all in all a pretty good couple of weeks.

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