Getting Fit(ter)

So today I start getting fitter! Over the last 12 months I have been working hard to try and sort out the various issues this old body has: knee, shoulder, neck, hip and back being the prime victims of old sporting injuries.

I recently had a mini training period: a schedule of walk, jogs, bike rides, pilates, stretching and light weights, followed by a check up by ‘my man’ in the UK who has said that it is ok for me to finally start getting fitter again: the core work that I have done he believes will sustain an initially moderate training programme.

The reality is that I will never be super fit again, and there is a limit that my body can accept in any period of time, but with the Pet Transport project we run set to carry on for the foreseeable future, the only way they (and I) will survive is if I get a lot fitter.

That means a better diet:

Breakfast: Fruit from the Juicer & Cereal (Shredded Wheat, Bran, and Weetabix)
Lunch: Salads, Rice, Pasta, Vegetables etc
Dinner: Wrap or Pitta Bread with cheese, dried fruits etc.

Exercise wise:
6 days a week: 3 days cardio (Bike and Jog), 3 days stretching, pilates and light weights

Haven’t bothered to weigh myself or set a target as I am far to heavy at the moment so the priority is three months of the above, and then take stock which will be when I can set myself a more specific target based on ares that need more work.

So for the next three months this is what I will be doing!

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