Getting Fitter: Small Steps

Well it is a month since I started to get fitter and be healthier, and it hasn’t been too bad result wise. I have lost some weight: all in the first half of the month, although having just got back from a ALStrays Transport, that is probably a little skewed as it takes me a while to get the fluid build up out of my body and process all the junk food – although I was much better on this trip.

The exercise has been fine, although not much of it, but the road bike is now all set up, the technology is on place, and I have all the gear to rival Sir Bradley Wiggins so can start ramping up the amount of exercise. I have also started to plan a ride that will give me something (big) to aim for!

The food allergy has been much better, although nowhere near perfect, but I am starting to get a better idea of the diet I need to follow. I am pretty sure also that the fitter I get the better my chest etc will be.

Stayed off the booze in January no problem. I am going to pop down off the wagon today to have a glass or two of red with a friend and then dinner with Sands, but am then jumping back on it at least for February, maybe March as well depending on how the weight loss goes!

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