Getting Fitter: Smaller Steps

Two months in and I am heading in the right direction: albeit very slowly!

February was always going to be a tough a month with three ALStrays Pet Transports which meant that I had less time to exercise, more time sat in a van, and more temptation to eat sweets etc.

I have improved the Transport Diet a lot, but it needs to be better still: need to look at no bread, no crisps, no sweets and no chocolate but it is tough as need energy at times, and not the easiest to take salads, fruit etc and eat on the move.

The exercise has been good (when I have had a chance to do any) but the poor weather has added to the lack of opportunity.

I have a good month ahead though with only one transport at the end so I have set myself a schedule and a goal and I will see how it goes this month.

If the steps aren’t bigger then it will be a more drastic approach for April, May and June!

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