GoPro Hero 3: First Video

Picked up a GoPro Hero 3 at Christmas. No specific reason. I am not exactly into active sports, but I liked the idea of having one and figured it would be fun.

Anyway I used it for the first time today: mounted to the bike (I have mounts for 3 bikes, plus helmet mounts, mounts for both vans, a chest mount, a head mount and most bizarre of all for the surfboard that I don’t have!)

Just wanted to see what the quality was like and I have to say I am really really impressed.

Setting up the GoPro is a little fiddly what with it being so small and all, and it is a little disconcerting not having a view finder – although that is the whole point of it really as it allows you to focus on the task on hand not recording the task in hand.

I have few ideas for using it so let’s see how it works out.


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