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Grrenpeace Spirit Animal Quiz

Protecting the environment means protecting a wide range of characters in the animal kingdom, from the flying fox to the slow loris.

In order to find the best ways of conserving wildlife, it can help to connect with the animal world a little more deeply. Our Spirit Animal quiz can help you do just that, by matching your personality with one of eight specially selected creatures from around the world.

Just answer a few simple questions, and the highly (ahem) scientific test will tell you which animal you are most like – from the cuddly sea otter to the not so cuddly shark.

All the animals in the test are threatened by environmental issues that you can campaign on – so once you’ve found yours, you can find out more about what you can do to save your spirit animal.

You can also order a free sticker so you can keep your spirit animal close to you, wherever you go.

So take the test now and find out how close you really are to the world of wildlife.

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