Halloween Plans?

I recently wrote about the way in which Spain celebrates Halloween over on our Almerimar Life blog and it got me wondering as to how it is celebrated where you live?

In the US I am aware of the trend to hire Halloween costumes that tend to vary from the more ‘mature’ sexy costumes to the amazing Kids costumes that I would have loved to have access to as a kid, and in the UK the trend as with many things is to follow the US.

I was a little surprised when I was researching Halloween celebrations in Spain to find that there is an increasing trend to hire American Halloween costumes, although not so much for partied but for picnics around the graves of deceased family and friends. I kid you not, read the article to see how Spain turns one night of celebration into three days of fiesta!!

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  1. Halloween in Canada is pretty much the same as in the US. I know my wife already stocked up on sweets, and hopefully if the weather permits she will be taking the kids “Trick or Treating”. I will have the honor of scaring all the other kids, that come to the door. We usually decorate the house with spiderwebs and white balloons with glow sticks inside. It is a whole family affair. Last year I made one little kid cry and run to their parents when I opened the door with my scary mask on. Man did I feel bad.
    Interestingly enough in Poland, where I come from, there is no such thing as Halloween. Even to this day, the populace rejects the idea. 1st of November is celebrated as the All Saints Day, where everyone visits the graves of loved ones. Everyone cleans the graves, and brings fresh flowers, wreaths, candles. Even the graves of strangers that haven’t been visited in a while, are cleaned and candles are set up on them. It is a somber holiday, but has a certain atmosphere to it, which I remember very fondly.

  2. I don’t recall that we were taken ‘trick or treating’. Probably a sign of the times and all that 🙁 I also recall that we had to administer a few tricks (or was it that we wanted to!!) with taking gates off gate posts a favourite.

    Now you sure you had the mask on when you opened the door …….

    Really interested in the celebration of All Saints Day in Poland as well …… shows what culture morons us Brits are basically!

  3. The “Trick or Treat” part is mostly treats now. I did ask one of the older kids for a trick, but they just looked at me with dumb founded faces. All they wanted was candy. It more how much loot you can gather in one night affair, than anything else.
    I don’t think Brits are culture morons. You have to understand that Poland is 97% catholic, and a lot are very devout. So the All Saints Day, is usually a work free day, where everyone goes to the cemetery to visit their dead relatives. There are no picnics, and thing like that would be heavily frowned upon. It’s mostly cleaning the grave sites from dead leaves, grass, old flowers and other garbage. The cleaning also extends to other forgotten graves, and it’s an interesting show of “brotherhood”, because everyone does it. People do it out of respect for the dead. Some times the forgotten graves have more candles on them then the other ones.
    As far as I remember, it’s not a happy holiday. There are no fiestas or parties. Just somber people meeting up at the graves and praying. As a kid I always liked this holiday. Cemeteries in Poland, just like most of Europe, are old, with big old trees, and very old graves. Going there on a night of All Saints Day, was a little bit frightening (especially when your father is telling you about all the ghosts, and dead people walking among the living on that night!!!). On the other hand it was quite peaceful and quiet. You would be able to spot the cemeteries at night, because of the glow of literally thousands of candles at the grave sites.

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