Happy 2nd Birthday Dusky

Dusky (or I should say Me RT – Roof Top) is 2 years old today. By far the most laid back of the cats he gets on with everybody, but has a new best friend these days in Kasper. They spend a lot of time fighting and playing, and are often found curled up asleep together.

I have started calling Dusk Mr RT recently as he just loves been up on the roof. Any chance he gets he is up there, and in Kasper he has a willing partner in crime.

By no means a snuggle cat (which is a shame as he has such lovely long soft fur) he likes to be around the action, but just on the periphery. While all the other cats will head for the sofa in the evening, he will lie on a dining room chair, or a basket in the lounge. Likes to be close but not too close. He will come and lie on the sofa when he wants and he is happy enough to jump up on the bed in the mornings.

He is by far the most vocal of the cats. While Moreno is without doubt the loudest and the most forceful, Dusky spends the day wandering around chuntering to himself and letting you know where he is.

More fish to celebrate.

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