Happy Anniversary & Birthday Saidi

2013-12-04 20.07.43

Today Saidi turns ten (10) years old – or oldest cat – and celebrates seven (7) years of living with us.

We have known her longer than that as she is from the original street cats that Sands started to feed: her first steps into cat rescue and re-homing, so a very special day for two Special ladies, Sands and Saidi.

Saidi is the very definition of a lap cat. Anytime you get out of the shower or bath she is there on the bed ready to sit on your knee/legs and be stroked. As soon as you get into bed at night she pops up ready to be stroked. Her evenings are best spent on one of our laps watching TV (with a nice cheese which she is partial to), and anytime we go onto the roof and the sun is out she is more than happy to keep us company.

Apart from that she is a pretty unsociable old girl: although she has a fondness for Dusky and Kasper and is not adverse to letting Kasper share a cat basket with her.

Like many an older street cat it seems that she never had a childhood. When we got her she just didn’t know how to play, but now she has her moments, although as soon as any of the others join in she seems to get self conscious and stop.

Prawns are her all time favourite so that is what she will have along with a lot of cuddles as usual.

She is one very special lady indeed and we lover her to bits xx

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