Happy Anniversary & Birthday Saidi

The old lady of the house is eleven (11) years old today, and has been with us for eight (8) of those years today, having spent the first three years of her life living on the streets of Almerimar and bringing up at least three litters that we are aware of.

She was one of the first cats that Sands started feeding locally and whose kittens were the beneficiaries of the initial sterilisation programme that we ran (literally as I did a half marathon to raise funds). Sands also re-homed a number of her kittens in the early days of the ALStrays Germany Re-Homing Project.

Most importantly she is the mother of Moreno and so once we had adopted him and Sands had decided we needed a second cat to keep him company Saidi came to live with us. It was news to both Moreno and I, and neither of us were overly impressed at first and while Moreno still has his moments as far as his mum is concerned as far as I am concerned she is just purrfect.

She is by far the oldest cat that we have adopted and it was sad to see that she had obviously had no childhood as she just didn’t know how to play, and even now while she is happy to play when the mood suits, she gets self conscious and stops whenever another cat turns up.

She is a loner who is happiest when a knee and a patch of sun combine, and she can be stroked for hours. She is our only real ‘lap cat’, and while a naturally grumpy old lady she is fond of Dusky and Sophie.

Loves tuna, fish and prawns so that is what she will get today, sat on the roof in the sun enjoying a fuss and being one very lovely lady!

You can see her, and the other pets first photos that we took here

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