Happy Anniversary & Birthday Saidi

Double celebration today as it is nine (9) years today that Sands brought Saidi in off the streets to live with us and her son (Moreno). The second celebration? Our beautiful Grandma is twelve (12) years old today.

She is the oldest of the gang, and while she tends to keep herself very much to herself (she walked in 9 years ago, decided that she liked sitting on our laps and in her warm beds and has pretty much stayed there ever since), she is very much the mistress of the house. Oscar, Moreno and lately Marti all have a tendency to chase her at times, but they respect her when she says enough is enough, and at the first sign of trouble she is the first to head off to settle things.

Never happier than when she is sat on our lap (post shower/bath is a favourite when we are warm and have a dressing gown to snuggle into), she is pretty damn happy up on the roof, or out on the small balcony taking in the sun!!!

Fish, prawns and chicken treats are her favourites, and she will get them all today, along with as much time on my knee as she wants!!!

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