Happy Anniversary & Birthday Saidi

Double celebration for our special lady Saidi today: she turns thirteen (13) today and has been with us for ten (10) years.

She spent three (3) years on the street before Sands couldn’t bear to leave her there any longer (she had been feeding her for about 18 months) so she just turned up with her one day and told me (and her son Moreno who we had already adopted) that we had a second cat.

Poor girl didn’t even know how to play such was her life on the street. We would roll a ball towards her and she would just sit and watch it, not knowing what to do.

She will play now, but it almost self conscious when she does, and is certainly happiest at on our knee, ideally in the sun, being stroked.

She used to be picked on by a few of the older boys but as they have grown up it has calmed down and she is certainly OK with all the cats, and is pretty brave: any sign of a fight and she is straight in to see if her help is needed.

She has lost some weight recently and struggles with a cold from time to time, but her bloods were done recently and all is well, and she certainly hasn’t lost her appetite ….. so prawns it will be for birthday/anniversary girl today.

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