Happy Anniversary Charmin

A year ago today Charmin was adopted my parents following a series of events/circumstances that can only be described as “it was meant to be!”

It has been a highlight of 2017 watching them all get to know each other, and while Charmin has without doubt landed on his paws, the real “winners” are my parents who are totally and utterly besotted with the big fella …. and quite rightly as he is an amazing cat and has been totally purrfect for them!

It took him no time to settle, but over the year he has become more comfortable with the total freedom that he enjoys and now can be found on (and in) the bed, on pretty much every chair, windowsill, desk and knee that he comes across.

He’s the best thing that could have happened to my parents at this stage of their life and it is a genuine pleasure to see them together.

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