Happy Anniversary Dusky

A year ago today Sands and I were walking along the beach enjoying a late afternoon walk, on our way to get an ice cream.

I happened to look down and saw this little bundle of kitten, tail in the air, looking at me with huge wide open eyes.

Like many a rescue cat (and dog) although homeless, thin and as it transpired full of fungus, his first reaction was to reach out for some love: a tickle under the chin, a brush around our legs.

Sands picked him up and we decided that we would take him home, check he wasn’t chipped and lost, and then foster him until he could go to Germany. That was the plan we agreed in the first 50 paces along the beach heading home, but as he continued to purr the whole way home I think we had both accepted that we would be keeping him once we knew he didn’t belong to anybody!

Quickly he became number 5, not least because he got on with all the other cats from Day 1. He is lovely, sweet and good natured. Will happily play with any of the cats, but is equally happy on his own, and fills the day with a constant narrative of small meows and squeaks to let you know where he is.

He loves finding different places to sleep as well as you can see from the selection of photos below!

So today my little friend, we will walk along the beach (I never did get the ice cream) past the place where we found you. Sands has some treats for you to enjoy with your friends, and we will give you love and attention as we do everyday of your life, as it is so great that you are with us!

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