Happy Anniversary Dusky

Birthdays are great but the really special day with a rescue animal is the day it entered your life, and that is what happened three (3) years ago today with little Dusky.

Life is full of “What If’s” and we rarely no the answer, but I do know that if we hadn’t decided to walk along the beach that evening our lives would have been the poorer for not having ‘Little Pud’ in it.

We found him on the beach and he purred all the way back in Sands arms, so he had a home by the time we got back to the apartment.

He has grown into a very handsome young man, without a malicious bone in his body. he is one extremely mild, gentle, easy going cat, who gets on with everyone. Although he likes his own company and is the first up and last off the roof!

He has a very endearing habit of chatting to himself wherever he goes, so you pretty much always know where he is.

He is a slow eater, who likes to eat away from the crowd, so today his prawns treat will be served in his ‘special place’ so that he can enjoy them in peace.

Happy Anniversary ‘Little Pud’ it truly was a great day when you entered our lives.

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