Happy Anniversary Dusky

2015-06-06 07.54.23

Four (4) years ago today Sands and I took a somewhat rare walk along the beach. We regularly ran and cycled along the beach back in those days, but generally on the morning and never in the early evening. I can’t even remember what made us go for a walk that evening, but I do recall that it was my idea.

Don’t know what made me look down when I did either but on all counts I am glad that I did as I saw a very little, cute black kitten just pottering about. Sands picked him up, he started purring, we walked back him, he carried on purring, we got him into the apartment, Sands said he was staying!

And that is how it has been ever since with Dusky aka Little Pud, four (4) years of non stop chatter from the not so little fella. From the moment he wakes up (earlier than everyone else) and asks to go out on the roof the day is just one long commentary from him. He loves the roof and would spend all day up there, apart from when he was in the kitchen: he has a seventh sense whenever either of us so much as walk in. He is a very slow, polite eater, until it comes to ham!

Without doubt his best mate is Kasper, but he gets on with everyone, and has no issue with the dogs.

Every time I pass his spot on the beach I always have a little smile and think how lucky we were to be passing when we did because without doubt life would not be so good without him in it!

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