Happy Anniversary Dusky

Six (6) years ago today I suggested to Sands we went for a walk along the beach: not something we usually did, and I had no particular reason for making the suggestion.

Walking along I glanced down and saw this little bundle of black fluff: hello Dusky!

We had a look round for a mother, sibling, owner but finding none Sands picked him up and we headed home, with the little fella purring all the way.

By the time we were home he had been adopted!!!

He is one big bundle of noisy love!! He moves slowly around the apartment and roof chatting away, and is the first to wake in the morning and suggest we might like to get up and open the roof for him.

Loved by all, he hasn’t a malicious bone in his body.

Like his best mate Kasper he is a fussy (and slow) eater, but he will enjoy his prawns.

He is not big on snuggles (he will come on the bed occasionally) but loves having his head and chin rubbed.

Life is certainly better with him in it, and the six (6) years have flown by.

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