Happy Anniversary Kasper

We have had Kasper one year today. Unfortunately I am not at home to celebrate, although rather ironically I wasn’t at home when he arrived. Found tied up by a piece of string at a market in Murcia, it was only because friends from here in Almerimar were visiting their friend in Murcia who found him that he ended up with us.

I was away on a ALStrays Pet Transport when Sands took him in. She bottle fed him for a week, and then when I returned I took over as she flew to the UK.

A ‘failed foster’ he was never really going anywhere once he made friends with Dusky!

Now he is such a part of the family: cheeky, friends with everyone, a strong character and a tremendous amount of fun.

I know Sands will spoil him today, and I will be back this evening so he can snuggle up next to me on the bed, and then ironically Sands is off to the UK tomorrow so I will get to spend time with him, the other 5 and Teo for a week which I am really looking forward to!

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