Happy Anniversary Kasper

Today we have had Kasper (aka baby Cat) two (2) years. I was in the UK at the time, which is slightly ironic as Sands is in the UK at the moment, and returned to find Sands hand feeding this little kitten.

He had been found by a lady called Kim Sheppard in Murcia, tied to a fence by a market. Kim was being visited by some friends who lived in Almerimar, so they brought Kasper back to us, to look after until he was old enough to travel to the UK.

Pretty much as soon as I got back, Sands went to the UK leaving me to feed the little fella. During that time he really bonded with Dusky (in particular) and the rest of our cats and started to demonstrate what an agile little sod he was going to be.

Long story short, we kept Kasper and Kim adopted Cheeky Boy, a three legged cat that Sands had been fostering. It all worked out really well for everybody, not least us as we have had the benefit of this lovely chap for two years now.

Kasper is a very beautiful cat, who seems to have remained a ‘kitten’ much longer than any of the others. He is ALWAYS ready to play, and can’t be left out of anything. Dusky has remained his best mate, nut he loves a snuggle with Oscar more than anybody else, plays with Moreno, like to curl up with Saidi, and plays a lot with Fleur (even when she doesn’t want to).

First to the food, he remains very thin and very light (and agile) so has been the hardest to keep on the roof. I think we are now on Mark V of the attempts to keep him in. I will not tempt fate ….

He is funny as well. He loves to be close, likes to sleep on the bed snuggled up to us, and enjoys a fuss but as soon as you pick him up he becomes an eel.

It has been a great two years for us because of Baby Cat. He doesn’t like prawns (shares that with Fleur) so will have Tuna as usual this morning and then some chicken this evening as a treat.

Happy Anniversary Baby Cat, here’s to many many more!

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