Happy Anniversary Kasper

Five (5) years ago I returned from a <a target=”_blank” href=”http://alstrays.com/schedule”>Pet Transport</a> from Spain to the UK to find that Sands was hand feeding a little kitten that friends of friends had found and we were looking after until he could be transported to the UK.

Needless to say that didn’t really work out and we ended up keep Kasper, not least because pretty much overnight he became best mates with Dusky who whilst fitting in with all the other cats wasn’t really in ‘Team Mori so really benefitted from having his own mate.

Small and thin for years Kasper was a one man escape committee regards the roof, but that phase seems to have passed and in recent months he has become far more sociable and is the cat most often to found sleeping on our bed.

He likes to show Marti and Tobi who is boss, but his bestie remains Dusky.

Bit of a fussy eater he remains on the thin side, but he is very happy and content, as indeed we are!

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