Happy Anniversary Moreno

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Eight (8) years ago today life changed for a little stray black cat that Sandra and I had been feeding in a street near us for a while, and had finally decided to adopt.

Our first attempt to pick him up failed: he wasn’t there. A couple of hours later we tried again. Success and as I walked back up the street with the little fella purring in my arms it felt great.

And it has felt great for every day since then.

He is a truly amazing cat. Full of character, not overtly fond of new people until he has sussed them out, but remarkably caring and protective to his mates: Saidi (his mum), Oscar, Fleur (his girlfriend), Dusky and Kasper. And let’s not forget Orla (RIP) his first love.

Adopting Moreno was the catalyst for us deciding to live in Spain, for the re-homing project, and our transport business www.alstrays.com.

We have a lot to thank Moreno for, as indeed do literally thousands of cats and dogs.

Enjoy your day as ever my friend.

We love you lots.

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