Happy Anniversary Oscar

Five years ago Oscar entered our lives. They say good luck comes in threes and that was certainly the case with the Big Guy. Initially found drowning in the marina here in Almerimar he was fished out and fostered by one of Sandra’s friends. A week before he was due to go to Germany to be fostered the friend had to return to the UK so we had him at home for a week. Having just lost Orla as soon as we realised (after about 30 minutes) that Moreno liked him it was obvious he was going to stay.

If we still had Orla then Oscar would have gone to Germany, and what a loss to us that would have been.

He entered the apartment a small, spitting bundle of energy, and very very quickly got adopted by Moreno who soon licked him into shape.

Oscar is still very much part of Team Mori (Moreno, Oscar and Fleur) but he gets on with everyone and absolutely adores life. He loves been brushed and stroked when up om the roof or on the hall drawers and he is particularly vocal when he is happy!

They have been a great 5 years Oscar, enjoy your day. I am driving back from the UK but Sands will give him his prawns and tonight I will have a big old love in with the Big Pud.

Anyway here are a couple of recent photos of the Big Guy

2013-11-26 17.20.56_575

2014-01-20 21.56.45_575

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