Happy Anniversary Oscar

2015-02-03 16.19.38

Six (6) years ago today a small hissing bundle entered our lives, I thought for a week before going to a Foster home in Germany, but Sands had been plotting and he was always going to be a friend for Moreno!

Oscar had already had a large slice of luck in hid life: rescue from the marina when he was drowning, but the luck this time was all ours! ‘Big Pud’ is an absolute joy of a cat. Loves a fuss, plays with everyone (but very much part of team Mori i.e. Moreno, Fleur and Oscar).

No surprise he loves his food, but he is a remarkably agile and active cat so why not eh!?

Enjoy your day special friend we all love you, and the fact that today is the day you entered our lives.

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