Happy Anniversary Teo

A year ago today Teo woke up in the concrete shed that had become his home, with nothing much to look forward to apart from searching for food, avoiding the cars on the road, and trying not to be caught.

We were first made aware of an abandoned Galgo on the 12th March and Sandra and a neighbour tried to catch it.

On the 13th I went out in the evening and saw it for the first time (reports on it’s injuries and skeletal nature were totally exaggerated) and followed him for a while until I found where he was sleeping.

Bright and early on the 14th Sands and set out in the small van with a couple of slip leads and parked up by the concrete shelter.

2014-03-13 10.03.53_575

2014-03-13 10.04.09_575

2014-03-13 10.04.21_575

As Teo emerged, a little startled it has to be said, I slipped a lead over him and although he tried a few times to buck his way out of it, he didn’t put up much of a fight and he then allowed me to pick him up and put him in a cage in the van.

2013-03-14 08.00.35_575

It was too early for the vet so we left him in the van for an hour with some food and water before taking him to the vet to be checked (apart from a few ticks he was in good shape really).

2013-03-14 10.31.39_575

Fast forward a year, and what a great year it has been, and this morning he will wake up to his now familiar routine:

Around 8am he will ease himself off the sofa and wander into the bedroom to give me a cuddle by resting his front paws and head on my chest with his hind legs on the floor (we settled on this between us as technically he isn’t allowed on the bed).

One of us (Sands or I) will then take him downstairs for a quick pee, after which he will take his Dental Stick Chew to his bed for an early morning snack.

9.30am you will find him on the beach with Tigra, enjoying a run around and good play with her.

2014-03-13 10.38.33_575

2014-03-13 10.37.27_575

2014-03-13 10.37.25_575

2014-03-13 10.36.53_575

2014-03-13 10.36.39_575

Back from the beach around 11am it is time for breakfast on the balcony and then a sleep upstairs on the roof in the sunshine.

2013-12-02 12.23.06_575

Mid afternoon he is more than likely to head down to the balcony for a kip.

2014-01-07 14.34.21_575

Early evening he likes a stroll around the marina before settling down for the night on the sofa for a cuddle!

2014-03-08 19.55.59_575

2014-03-08 19.48.36_575

It has been an unbelievable year for us Teo, so from both Sands and I thank you x

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