Happy Anniversary Teo

Three (3) years ago we got our first dog, our first Galgo, and our first exposure to the star that is Teo!

It is no exaggeration to say that he changed our life (not quite as much as adopting Moreno), significantly: daily walks on the beach, exploring the nature reserve, adopting Tigra to be his best friend, losing my space on the sofa, accommodating seven (7) dog beds into the apartment ….

If anybody wanted an example of why the Galgos make such good pets he is it.

Unfortunately I am unable to share his day in person as I am in the UK on one of our pet transports from Spain to the UK via Germany and Belgium: a transport which rather fittingly has eleven (11) Galgos and seven (7) Podencos on it, but I am reliably informed he will down the beach with Tigra, then breakfast of chicken, before splitting the rest of the day between the roof and the sofas!


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