Happy Anniversary Tigra

Today we have had Tigra (aka The Nutter) a year, and what a brilliant year it has been for us, and of course for her.

Moreno, our first adoption, was a well thought out decision. We had been feeding him in the street for a while as we debated the implications of adopting a cat. At the time we were spending our time pretty equally between the UK, USA and Spain and so the decision was very much a change in lifestyle one. It certainly turned out that way, and I am not exaggerating when I say that every cat and dog that Sands has re-homed or we have transported owes it all to Moreno.

Saidi, our second adopted act wasn’t really a though through decision (well on my part anyway) as Sands turned up with her one day: but has since admitted it was planned.

The other cats: Oscar, Fleur, Dusky and Kasper were all rescues that we ‘came across’ and kept.

Teo, our first Galgo, we caught on the streets of Almerimar and kept, having had no plans to own a dog!

Tigra though was a new experience for us both. We saw her online at 112 Carlota Galgos and decided to sponsor her with a view to adopting if she got on OK with her recovery and with Teo. We visited her a couple of times with Teo and then we finally collected her a year ago.

She is 100% a nutter! Still nervous of anybody new, once she knows and trusts you she is all over you. She is totally in love with Teo, who has been great in protecting her and looking out for her, and she loves all the cats. She wants to play with them but they not so sure. Kasper the bravest with her, then Dusky & Oscar. Saidi happy to share bed with her, Fleur still slightly worried and cautious and Moreno just knows he is the boss.

Put simply she is one very very happy little girl, who can’t suppress her enjoyment of life when she is in the apartment, up on the roof, on the beach or in the Nature Reserve.

It has been a brilliant year for her, and of course for us!

I thought it was appropriate to share a photo of Sands with Tigra back where it all started for them both at 112 Carlota Galgos on one her her frequent trips back to see Charlotte et al

2014-04-05 15.17.34-2_575

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