Happy Anniversary Tigra

Two (2) years ago today we went down to 112 Carlota Galgos to collect Tigra.

Tigra is somewhat unique amongst our ‘gang’ in that she is the only one that we have actually adopted, rather than rescued: Moreno, Saidi, Dusky, and Teo we all picked up off the streets of Almerimar. Oscar was found drowning in the Marina and Fleur was found seriously injured in a Garden in Almerimar, while Kasper was found tied up with string outside a market in Murcia (and all are sort of ‘failed’ fosters).

Tigra on the other hand we chose as a friend for Teo, so Teo, Sands and I had been down to meet her while she recovred from her broken leg, so it was a strange day in that for once we actually knew in advance we were getting an addition the ‘family’.

Was a great day, as although she was still very nervous it took her 10 mins to find the sofa and decide she was ‘home’, and from the very first she has totally loved Teo.

Mad as a March Hare as they say (I think) she has slowed down in recent months and now only runs through life at 80mph rather than 100mph!

Happy anniversary sweet little girl, you are much loved by us all xx

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