Happy Anniversary Tigra

Four (4) years ago today we went and collected Tigra from Charlotte where she had been recovering from the trauma of being dumped and a broken leg.

Very timid, still scared we reckon it took her 10 minutes to decide she was safe and comfortable with us, and 100% I will always be so proud of the way Teo took her under her wing and showed her the way.

Tigra totally adored Teo, and it has been a tough year for her as we lost Teo and Sophie who she used to play with, and we have adopted Tobi, Marti and Tito.

She has taken it all in her stride, and I think that Tito’s outgoing nature has rubbed off on her and she is far more confident than she was before, and you can see that she has taken on many of the attributes that Teo had regards protecting Tito, exploring the perimeters of walks etc

Most days she has a little cuddle and we remember Teo together but she is far too busy enjoying life to reflect for long. I know she remembers him, and he did such a good job with her making her into the special lady that she is today.

But life is for the living and she is more than happy doing that with Tito!

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