Happy Anniversary Tito

So a year ago today the now not so little Tito entered our lives, although we had decided to get him a few weeks earlier and I had already met him when I collected him in Cadiz.

He has been at Charlotte’s while I was in the UK and then Sands was in UK for a few days so today was the day he arrived in our apartment.

With Tito there is always the sheer delight of having him, tinged with the sadness that if it wasn’t for the fact the we were losing Teo to Lymphoma we would never have him.

I will always be grateful that we had the summer with the three of them and that Teo enjoyed his company and showed him the right direction in life.

Thankfully Tito is nothing like Teo in character or attitude, but every now and then you see a bit of the old fella influencing him.

Tito just loves his life, and you couldn’t ask for a better relationship between him and Tigra, and his friendship with Marti is amazing.

The year has flown by and he has grown up a lot, but he is and always will be our little boy!

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