Happy Anniversary Tobi

A year ago today Tobi entered our lives when I heard him meowing from under a car on a visit to our vet, Animalfisio.

It was a sad visit as only the day before we had received the results confirming that Teo had Lymphoma, so we were there to discuss his treatment.

Little Tobi brought some happiness to the day, even it it did take me 90 minutes to free him from inside the car engine and carry him into the vets wrapped in a new, but very grubby T Shirt.

Neither Sands or I are particularly religious or believe in fate but finding him on such a sad day, and so soon after the loss of Sophie did feel ‘right’ especially as in appearance he was so similar to her, and like her it was the meow that attracted me to him!

And so began one of the great friendships as soon after we got him we adopted Marti and to say they inseperable is an understatement.

He is one very happy cat, totally besotted with Marti, his food, and having a fuss primarily with Sands!

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