Happy Birthday Fleur

Happy Birthday Fleur, seven (7) years old today.

By far the most nervous of the cats, and the least trusting of the dogs she remains totally besotted with her man Moreno, has her set routine of places she likes to be during the day which include the roof, balcony, TV room and of course the office. She is after all aka Office Cat.

Long ago she made my chair her chair and daily I am turfed out so she can have a fuss, crawl up the back and then curl up with a contented (some may say smug) look on her face.

When we first got the Galgos she wasn’t impressed but she is OK with them and this last year has returned totally to her former self enjoying her food, a play, and more than anything a kiss and a cuddle with Moreno.

Not a fan of prawns it will be white fish and tuna for her, and who knows I may be treated to one of her rare vists to my knee!!!

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