Happy Birthday Kasper

Our little boy (and he is still a very skinny, agile little monkey) is two years old today.

He remains a little bundle of mischief, who thinks nothing of just butting in to get his own way.

One way or another he has manged to befriend all the cats: Saidi is more than happy for him to snuggle up to her, as is Oscar (who also like to play with him). Dusky is his best play mate, and Fleur enjoys a bit of a dust up every now and again, and when he needs a bit of comfort he heads to Moreno.

He is also the least timid around Teo and Tigra.

At the moment we are having a battle with him as he is managing to climb the fence on the roof, but fingers crossed Mark III will have stopped him. He is just so light and agile that he can walk across the netting the little sod.

No doubt I will wake up with the little chap snuggled between my legs. We will then have a bit of a play before he heads to the roof before rushing to the front of the queue for his Tuna.

Not a fan of prawns will have some white fish tonight for a treat.

Happy birthday little fella, it is a privilege to have you in our lives! And thanks as ever to Kim Sheppard for rescuing him!

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