Happy Birthday Kasper

2015-06-04 07.25.27

This little fella is three (3) years old today, and three great years they have been for him and us. We got him when he was just weeks old (left tied by a piece of string outside a market) so we have had the joy of his company for pretty much all of his life.

He is the most mischievous of the bunch and it is an ongoing battle to ensure he can’t escape the roof fence as he is so agile and thin.

He loves to climb so the climbing trees in the lounge and TV room are where he is often to be found, although he does love a snuggle with Oscar and at times Saidi, and at night he tends to snuggle up to Sands or I, and he most certainly is not a morning person as he can usually still be found curled up on the bed while the rest are up on the roof.

Not a fan of prawns so he will have some chicken treats and ham today, which to be fair he gets most days!!

Enjoy your day with your mates and thanks for being you xx

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