Happy Birthday Orla (RIP)

This little girl would have been four today, but unfortunately she never lived to see her first birthday, as she died on 26th November 2008 after an incredibly short life, plagued by illness, but surrounded by love at the end.

Sands brought her home from a rescue centre on the 14th October 2008, we thought to die with some dignity as she was so ill. We hand fed her for over a week, before she started to improve and Moreno really took to her and they quickly became friends.

She rallied for a while and started playing and enjoying life, with her new best friend always willing to play with her. Unfortunately she became ill again and it was diagnosed that she had a congenital heart defect, and was going to have no quality of life at all.

With a heavy heart we had her put to sleep, knowing that it was the right thing to do and that we had given her a good couple of months, and a best friend in Moreno.

She lives on in the work that Sands and I do with the ALStrays re-homing and transport project and she will never ever be forgotten. Oscar, Fleur and Dusky owe their life with us to little Orla, as she showed us that Moreno would love a little friend, hence we adopted Oscar, and then Fleur and subsequently Dusky.

God bless you Orla, gone but NEVER forgotten xx

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